Where’s Your Next Bad Day Coming From?

Stop Bad Days Before They Start!

Maintaining the integrity of your transportation infrastructure is a high-stakes job. When assets fail, they create life-threatening emergencies for the people who rely on them. Plus, reacting to crisis after crisis is not only stressful but expensive. When you don’t have the data or resources you need, you can end up spending millions trying to clean up disasters.

Don’t be controlled by bad days. Stop them before they start with a proactive management plan from PILLAR. Our firm is solely dedicated to maximizing the life of your transportation infrastructure through our proven CAPE approach: collection, assessment, planning, and execution.

PILLAR’s unique approach shields you from the unexpected. There’s a reason we’re trusted by transportation departments all over the country. Learn more about how we deliver reliable services that:

What is the CAPE approach?

PILLAR’s unique CAPE approach is a comprehensive solution that protects your transportation agency from uncertainty and maximizes the lifecycle of your transportation assets. When you work with us, you’ll move your workflow from reactive to proactive. From boots on the ground to points in the cloud, PILLAR’s CAPE approach has got you covered. Here’s how it works:  

Mowing, Slop Nailing, Faded Signs


Proactively manage risk in your aging infrastructure. We leverage technology and expertise to evaluate, analyze, and assess your data to unlock its full potential. With PILLAR on your side you can:

Stay ahead of the curve with our one-of-a-kind assessment approach:

  • Make pipe failure a thing of the past. Unexpected pipe failure is expensive and dangerous. Stay in front of potential emergencies with proactive assessment. PILLAR partnered with a DOT to assess over 20,000 pipes for safety and cleaning protocol to avoid future pipe failure.
  • Tackle guardrail compliance and reduce deadly risk. Wrong heights, damaged rails, and frankensteined end treatments pose a fatal risk to drivers. PILLAR worked with a DOT to assess the safety and compliance of over 2,350 miles of guardrail to swiftly correct issues.
  • Stop overgrowth emergencies. An out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach can mean huge out of pocket expenses. Tame vegetation overgrowth with proactive roadside maintenance. PILLAR helped a DOT to address over 500 centerline miles and corresponding ramps and intersections for overgrown trees and vegetation to make roadways safer for the traveling public.
Rusted Pipe, Tree Blockage, Car Accident in Guardrail
Pavement Inspection, Soil Nailing, Flattened Guardrail Accident


Get what you need to get the job done. Find out how PILLAR helps you power your operation with tailored plans and solutions so you can secure funding, meet regulations, and achieve your goals.

Wrangle your data into organized solutions so you can:

  • Banish reactive work schedules and get more done. Asset managers report that 80% of the job is crisis management and 20% is planning. PILLAR was contracted to identify, maps, and prioritize known and unknown maintenance issues for over 2,300 drop inlets and pipes through a 50-mile long urban corridor. The work and corresponding network mapping helped them justify maintenance budgets as well as safely contain a release of tox liquid from a tractor trailer hazardous material spill.
  • Stay on track when you’re short on people and time. Get the job done no matter the challenge. PILLAR worked on a municipal trail project to collect and assess inventory to prevent asset failure, extend life and maintain level of service.
  • Get the insurance money you’re owed. Don’t miss out on funding from insurance claims on asset damage. Over the past 5 years, PILLAR has helped one DOT collect a total of $4.5 million in third-party damage claims so they can repair assets without breaking the bank.
Bridge Work, Tree Trimming, Mobile LiDAR Collection

Go From Reactive to Proactive

Work smarter not harder with PILLAR.