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DOT Strategies to Alleviate the National Snowplow Driver Shortage

For the third straight year in a row, DOTs are facing a shortage of snowplow drivers. A survey by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials shows that 84% of respondents reported higher to much higher snowplow operator vacancies than normal. 

Snowplows are a critical component of keeping the roadways clear during winter storms. Without the proper number of qualified drivers, municipalities will face difficult decisions. They may call upon their management staff to fill the gaps to provide citizens with services they rely on.

Short-Term Strategies to Do More with Less

When DOTs are forced to put managers and supervisors with CDL driver credentials in snowplows, their regular responsibilities such as planning and other tasks become rapidly backlogged and important tasks get dropped. In other words, this short-term solution creates long-term problems. Pillar can help keep the department on track and moving forward through its staff augmentation services. Pillar works with you to optimize snow management plans and implement efficiencies to take control of snow event response even if you have fewer trucks on the road by rearranging snow routes and developing efficient response plans that work with the resources you have. This same approach can also be used for other tasks requiring CDL drivers.

Long-Term Strategies to Address the CDL Driver Shortage

Navigating from snow event to snow event in crisis mode due to a lack of CDL drivers is stressful and inefficient. And, let’s face it, that stress extends throughout the year with any task that requires CDL drivers. There’s a longer-term strategy to deal with the CDL driver shortage that puts you in control. Our staff helps fill management and planning shortages on demand and can get to work immediately to sustain productivity until the crisis has passed. Through Pillar’s staff augmentation services DOTs have access to experienced maintenance professionals that can provide:

  • Crew and contractor monitoring and inspecting
  • Supplement work and equipment forces
  • Specialized expertise
  • Quick execution of backlogged tasks

Take Control Today. Contact PILLAR.

Pillar stands ready at a moment’s notice to support your team through the remainder of this season’s winter event. With spring in sight, now is the time to start planning for next year’s winter season.  Let us help you take charge of your snow program despite driver shortages by optimizing your plan and creating efficiencies.  Contact us today.