Staff Augmentation

Only pay for the staff whose skills are required to support specific tasks as they arise for your project. Rely on PILLAR to help staff your teams based on these expert skills to meet public and internal demand. You receive more control over staff, superior leveraging, and easy access to specialists. So, reduce the cost of acquiring skills while reducing your liabilities and costs associated with direct employees. Use PILLAR’s experienced maintenance professionals to augment staff for:

  • Crew and contractor monitoring and inspecting
  • Supplement work and equipment forces
  • Specialized expertise
  • Handle task backlog
Budgeting & Control Calculation Collage


An active budget, schedule, and quality controls can be the difference between preparedness and unexpected interruptions. We help you develop a timetable, spending plan, and controls to ensure that you are ready for any event affecting public transportation and infrastructure. Receive peace of mind with carefully managed resources, efficient production of plans, and plans executed with proficiency. PILLAR provides:

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Quality
  • Incident, disaster, and weather
integrate operations and process

Integrate Process & Operations

Not only do we implement data integration and improve processes across your siloed systems, but we also can integrate your processes and operations to form a seamless workflow. The outcome is a coordinated and proactive system of collaboration that is easy to schedule and plan. Ensure the performance of your processes when in operation and reap the benefits of integrated operations. Partner with PILLAR to implement a workflow that is:

  • Seamless and proactive
  • Coordinated
  • Scheduled