Maximizing the Life of America’s Infrastructure

Our proven solutions for transportation asset management are trusted by departments of transportation with some of the largest state-maintained highway systems in the country.

PILLAR delivers comprehensive asset management services proven to extend asset life, meet budgets, and save time. We help organizations make value-based decisions that proactively manages risk and for the long-term needs of your asset base.

Are your

PILLAR’s CAPE approach is a comprehensive solution that shields transportation agencies from uncertainty and delivers greater sustainability and longevity of transportation infrastructure

Would you like to know the location of your assets?


PILLAR's collection process combines cutting-edge technology with old school approaches to bring you a cost-effective way to collect massive amounts of inventory data quickly and accurately.

Our collection process saves time and money as we get all your inventory to develop justifiable plans and budgets.

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Would you like to know the condition of your assets?


PILLAR’s assessment process gives peace of mind to municipalities and departments of transportation working with limited budgets to maximize the life cycles of assets.

Stop guessing if your assets meet your state’s requirements for public safety. We expertly help you evaluate the condition of your assets, prioritize your operations and maintenance plans, and justify the funding necessary to improve your assets.

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Would you like to know what
to do with your data?


Unlike other firms, PILLAR goes beyond delivering infrastructure asset data and goes to work on planning strategies for your assets and the future.

Our asset management planning process marries business intelligence with next-generation technology and operational experience for tailored solutions.

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Would you like help executing your plans?


PILLAR’s execution process uses the best-equipped Operations and Maintenance managers to help reduce the risk of a skill gap, the need to respond to public concerns, financial adversity, and the modification of your existing plans.

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Lessons From The Road

View our project showcase highlighting our work across commercial, private, public, and government industries for infrastructure asset management.

ROI-Focused Approach

Our Collection, Assessment, Planning, and Execution (CAPE) approach merges technology with specialist expertise to maximize asset lifecycles and increase the ROI on transportation asset management plans.

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