Imagery Analysis

Imagery Analysis is a powerful technique for assessing and understanding roads, spaces, and infrastructure. It uses machine learning technology and software to precisely pinpoint the location and condition of structures through photographic analysis. Now you can leverage machine learning to capture asset conditions.

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Get Ahead With Condition Assessment

PILLAR’s assessment process helps ensure that your assets are rated accurately and efficiently. This allows you to be certain of the condition of your assets, helping you determine whether they meet a state of good repair or the agency’s performance requirements. Condition assessment helps identify and justify costs of projects and inventory and prioritize work that needs to be done.

Point Cloud Analysis

Point clouds provide insight into conditions, measurements, and spaces, representing objects in 3D through our scanners and systems. We can covert these representations to suit multiple models. These give unparalleled accuracy in establishing relationships between your data points, revealing their true position.

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Measurements
  • Condition Assessments
  • Relative and Absolute Accuracy
connected infrastructure road assessments

Connected Infrastructure

You can gain a high-level picture and understanding of assets during your assessment through the implementation of Connected Infrastructure sensors. In doing so, you can identify deficiencies directly when they happen. Through this up-to-the-minute technology, you can identify and process solutions quickly.

  • Sensors
  • IoT (Internet of Things)

Boots-on-the-Ground Field Assessments

Not everything can be assessed using technology. For certain assets, you still need to physically see and touch the asset. PILLAR uses specialized condition assessors to review your assets instead of having crews spending time searching for them.

  • Experienced maintenance professionals
  • Field-level detail
  • Consistent rating across asset types and teams
  • Tablets in connected and disconnected environments
  • Visual inspections

Condition Indices

  • Condition rating criteria for numerous asset types
  • Activity-level detail