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How to Establish Predictive Maintenance for Transportation Infrastructure

You know from experience that operating and maintaining transportation infrastructure is complex. It can be difficult to predict the condition of assets and accurately plan for repairs. Agencies often rely on reactive maintenance schedules and repairs motivated by public outcry, or worse, asset failure.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Get a handle on your asset management with Pillar’s predictive maintenance model.

PILLAR is an infrastructure asset management firm. And we are solely dedicated to maximizing the lifecycles of your transportation infrastructure. We specialize in:

  • collecting and assessing data
  • using that data to plan improvements and repairs
  • executing the planned repairs

Switch to a predictive maintenance model with PILLAR

How would your agency or department change if you felt sure about the condition of your assets? That’s not an impossible dream. That’s a predictive maintenance model. Advances in technology can use data to predict the condition of assets so you can make informed decisions about repairs. Here’s how it works:

Asset Collection and Normalization of Data

Data collection is the first step in replacing a reactive maintenance model with a predictive one. We collect your existing geospatial data. Next, we use Mobile LiDAR to collect new data and strengthen the inventory of your digital assets. Then we organize your data to reduce redundancy and improve data integrity.

Asset Condition Assessment

We can use data collected via the Internet of Things (IoT), or machines with sensors connected to the internet, to understand your assets. Through IoT, we can gather data on thousands of assets like yours to predict the repair needs and lifespan of the assets you own. This mitigates your risk and allows you to budget for repair and replacement.

Maintenance, Operations, & Budgeting Plan

Our quality data will help you secure proper funding, meet performance requirements, and achieve goals. Using a data-driven approach, we’ll make a predictive plan that prioritizes your most urgent tasks. Not only that, but we’re prepared to put the plan into action for you. Our seasoned O&M managers are ready to leverage their skills for your business. We combine our elite data with hundreds of years of combined experience to reduce risk and make roads safer.

Management & Monitoring of Work Flow

You save money, stay on schedule, and meet your goals when you have an effective plan. We help you stay on track by providing crew and contractor supervision, supplement work and equipment forces, specialized expertise, and backlog planning.

Would you like the know the condition of your assets? We can help you make data-driven decisions about repairs, replacement, and maintenance. Increase your efficiency and gain peace of mind with a predictive maintenance model. Call us today.