PILLAR Talk Save Face Save Lives Save Money Save Time

Meet the PILLAR Team Online and In-Person at Upcoming Events

Over the next few months, members of the PILLAR team will be “on the road” at various tradeshows and conferences. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the company’s approach to infrastructure asset management and how it can help organizations save time, save money, and save lives.

Our unique approach merges technology with specialist expertise to maximize efforts, justify budgets, and reduce risk thereby delivering greater sustainability and longevity of your transportation assets.

The PILLAR team would love to share more information with you. Make sure to say hello if you see us in person or online at one of these upcoming events.

ATSSA Midyear Meeting

Aug. 17-20

The motto of the ATSSA is “Safer Roads Save Lives,” and that falls in line with PILLAR’s mission: Save time, save money, save lives. Our team will be on-site for the event in Kansas City, MO. Don’t hesitate to say hello or ask us about Mobile LiDAR.

Roadway Management Conference

Oct. 6-8

The PILLAR team will be on-site in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and wants to talk to you about our CAPE approach, a comprehensive solution that shields transportation agencies from uncertainty and delivers greater sustainability and longevity of transportation infrastructure.

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

Jan. 9-13

Meet the PILLAR team in Washington, DC, for one of the industry’s premier events. This year’s theme directly correlates to what PILLAR can do for you: Innovating an Equitable, Resilient, Sustainable, and Safe Transportation System. We’d love to talk to you on-site.

If you’d like to discuss ways to save time, money, lives, and face (by preventing public outcry in the case of a disaster), contact us to schedule a meeting during one of these events, or (276) 223-0500.