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Winter Weather Response: In-Storm Management Optimization

Winter is here. It’s only a matter of time before a winter storm hits. Unless you’re prepared, it can quickly turn into one of your worst bad days.

Transportation asset managers know how much goes into winter storm highway management. If you’re not prepared, winter weather can cause chaos for motorists and slick and snow-covered roads can lead to property damage, injuries and, at worst, fatalities.

Having an emergency response plan in place is critical for snow storm highway response. As your trusted asset management partner, PILLAR can help you be prepared with an in-storm management plan before winter weather arrives. 

Essential tasks on your winter storm emergency response plan include:

  • Set snow and ice removal priorities and have a plan to reallocate resources to optimize traffic flow. 
  • Create an emergency response vehicle plan by contracting with wreckers and tow trucks to respond to motorists in need quickly. Pre-planning and developing open lines of communication ensure that wreckers and tow trucks are ready collaborate with emergency services and offer rapid responses to accidents or stranded motorists.
  • Be ready to provide continuous monitoring, tracking the storm’s progress and adjusting response efforts accordingly. Regular assessment of road conditions will help prioritize what needs immediate attention.
  • Develop a public communication plan to provide information about road conditions, closures, and travel advisories through digital platforms including social media, websites, and local media. This should include outreach before a storm to educate the public on safe winter driving practices and recommended equipment. 
  • Collaborate with neighboring jurisdictions. Be ready to coordinate snow and ice removal with neighboring counties and municipalities to optimize road clearing, resources, and response times. 
  • Pre-treatment of roadways. Apply anti-icing solutions before the storm arrives, and for steep slope roadways in colder areas, consider additionally applying sand and grit for enhanced traction. 
  • Facilitate online NIMS training for your team. The online training course through the National Incident Management System ensures you’ll be ready when a storm hits.

Start Preparing for the Next Winter Storm

Don’t face a winter storm alone. PILLAR is ready to work beside your team to optimize snow management plans and implement efficiencies, putting the brakes on a bad winter day before it happens. Contact us today and let’s get to work on a proactive in-storm management plan.