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PILLAR’s Technical Writers Provide Vital Resources for DOTs

Don’t face another day mired in paperwork. PILLAR has full-time technical writers ready to step in to develop contracts and technical documents for your agency. 

Technical writers are a critical resource for your transportation asset management and operations team because they create documentation, contracts and other written materials that help keep transportation systems moving forward.

Need maintenance contract development, equipment specifications, or technical writing? PILLAR has you covered. 

Critical Contract Development

Well-written contracts are a must-have for transportation asset management and operations to ensure the smooth operation of transportation systems, protect the interests of all parties involved and minimize legal risks.

These legally binding agreements with government agencies, contractors, suppliers, service providers and other organizations define and detail the terms, conditions, specifications, responsibilities and obligations of each party involved in various transportation projects or services.

It takes a savvy technical writer to draft contracts that are clear and complete. Experience matters too because transportation contracts can vary widely: There are construction contracts, maintenance contracts, procurement contracts, and service agreements with each type serving a specific transportation purpose.

PILLAR’s technical writers have skill to handle all your contract needs, including:

Drafting contract documents, including their terms and conditions

  • Negotiating contract terms with stakeholders
  • Ensuring legal compliance and risk mitigation
  • Managing changes and amendments to contracts
  • Resolving disputes and conflicts arising from contracts

Essential Documentation

Technical writers must also generate clear, concise, and accurate documentation that helps transportation systems operate efficiently, meets all legal and regulatory requirements and, most importantly, prevents bad days from happening by keeping motorists and transportation personnel safe.

Technical writers produce a wide range of transportation documents:

  • Asset management plans outline strategies for acquiring, maintaining, and optimizing transportation assets.
  • Operations manuals provide detailed instructions for operating and maintaining transportation systems and equipment.
  • Safety guidelines detail safety protocols and procedures for transportation personnel.
  • Regulatory compliance documentation help your team meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Equipment specifications for routine or specialized maintenance equipment

PILLAR’s writers provide the complete package and are proficient in:

  • Researching and understanding complex technical information
  • Writing and editing documents to ensure clarity and accuracy
  • Collaborating with subject-matter experts to gather information
  • Organizing and structuring content for easy comprehension
  • Ensuring that documentation complies with industry standards and regulations

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With PILLAR’s technical writers on your side, your team doesn’t need to feel understaffed or stress about budgeting to add a full-time writer. Our experienced technical writers are ready to support your team in creating rock solid contracts and detailed documentation whenever and however you need them. Fill out the form below or contact us by phone for more information and conquer your paperwork today.