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Staff Shortages Leave Critical Work Undone 

Calm the chaos with Staff Augmentation.

A tight job market, retirements, cutbacks and hiring freezes create chaos for transportation operations and maintenance teams, often leaving jobs unfilled and critical maintenance undone. Calm your chaos with staff augmentation, a solution that temporarily adds experienced people to your team when and where you need them.

Last year, PILLAR supported municipalities and DOTs by providing more than 56,000 hours in staff augmentation for essential positions such as contract management, bridge, program planning, inclement weather operations, and guardrail, pipe and pavement inspectors. All in effort to help improve safety and maintain smooth operations.

About Staff Augmentation

Transportation asset management and operations agencies routinely leverage staff augmentation services by bringing temporary or contract professionals on board to address critical staffing gaps or manage specific projects. This is especially helpful when organizations need quick access to specialized skills or expertise not readily available within those organizations. 

You’ll see immediate results with PILLAR’s staff augmentation service. These benefits include:

Specialized skills: PILLAR delivers professionals with specific skill sets that are not readily available or deep enough in your organization. 

Flexibility: Staff augmentation through PILLAR allows your organization to remain flexible by helping you manage short-term needs without the long-term commitment and costs of hiring an employee. 

Cost efficiency: Don’t go to the expense of hiring specialized staff for a short-term need. Hiring employees is expensive and training is time consuming which can result in costly implementation delays.  

Faster implementation: Eliminate the knowledge gap that comes with hiring a new employee or changing the focus of an existing one.

Reduce knowledge gaps among new hires: Plug the knowledge gap left after a senior employee exits the workforce. 

Risk mitigation: Compliance regulations and standards are complex to navigate. PILLAR’s technical writers and safety managers keep your organization within compliance and avoid potential operational issues.

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