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Mowing Acreage Highlighted on Highway

What is Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?

Have you seen the ‘what I do’ meme? What better way to explain Geographic Information Systems (GIS) than debunking all the perceptions? What our friends think GIS is:Often times, all our friends remember is that it has something to do with maps and maybe phones. What our moms think GIS is:Maybe it’s due to selective […]

PILLAR Employee Assessing Guardrail

Assessing The Condition of Your Roadway Inventory

Previously, we talked about the critical importance of maintaining an accurate inventory to support asset management. Knowing your inventory is just the first step in good asset management. It’s also important to know the condition of that inventory, which brings us to the next step, assessing your infrastructure inventory. None of us is getting any […]

Survey Plat

What Survey Plat Really Represents

Some people see a survey plat as an overpriced piece of paper but it’s not just a pretty picture. It represents hours spent reading moldy court records and digging through centuries of legal documents about a piece of land two people transferred back and forth….and back and forth. It represents the blood and sweat shed […]

PILLAR Employee Inspecting Guardrail

3 Ways to Save on Roadway Maintenance

The P3 approach includes preventive, lifecycle maintenance for the asset and avoids the problems associated with deferred maintenance. Simply put, deferred maintenance is the practice of postponing infrastructure maintenance activities, usually due to lack of available funding. Lack of proper and timely maintenance leads to early deterioration that costs more to repair later on or […]

Green Benjamin Franklin

Are you counting pennies or benjamins?

As an engineer, I am very analytical and linear in my thought process. This is natural and almost expected as I deal with equations following specific procedures to arrive at design solutions. After all, there is no gray in engineering – it is either black or white. I refer to this thought process as counting […]

Pillar Infrastructure Asset Management

What PILLAR Asset Management Means For Your Company

Is “asset management” more than a buzz-word to you and your organization? Are regulations and costs leading you to question whether you need a better understanding of your assets and their future value, risks, and needs? You may find yourself wondering “How can we boost asset life-span?” or “Has the cost of this asset been […]

Pillar Road Surveying Trucks

Choosing a commercial surveyor

Surveying is a vital step in commercial property development and construction. Land surveyors are licensed professionals who are knowledgeable about local, state and federal requirements. They also provide important information for your attorney, banker, realtor, architect and builder. An experienced surveyor will advise you on what type of survey—boundary, topographic, land title, or mortgage inspection—should […]

Transportation Asset Inventory on iPad

Keeping and Maintaining Inventory for Roadway Infrastructure

“Now where did I put that (insert item here)?” This is a question I ask myself more than I should. Usually I’m looking for some sort of tool around my house that doesn’t get used very often, but, when I need it I need it now. The wrench to remove the element in my water […]