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Solving Congested Rest & Parking Areas for Commercial Drivers

According to the American Trucking Association, there were 3.54 million truck drivers working in American in 2022. That’s a 1.5% increase from 2021. The industry is exploding thanks in no small part to the continuing increase in e-commerce, which has significantly increased demand of delivery services. 

Unfortunately, truck parking capacity has not been able to keep pace with the high industry growth, creating a series of bad days for commercial drivers and their employers.

Trucking’s Parking Problem

The trucking industry has struggled with congested rest and parking areas for commercial drivers for over a decade. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that there are just 300,000 spaces available and many states have closed down rest areas as part of cost-cutting strategies. Drivers themselves often have to sacrifice valuable drive time to find and claim a safe spot, if they can find one.

It’s not uncommon for drivers to enter rest areas only to find that they are completely full. This situation forces them to park in unsafe conditions on the side of busy highways, or drive the wrong way in an effort to leave the full rest area in search of another. 

Asset Management Solutions to Congested Rest Areas

The parking issue for trucking companies is a serious safety and liability issue. Trucks moving against traffic, parked on highway shoulders, or fatigued commercial drivers behind the wheel can cause life-threatening accidents for themselves and other drivers sharing the road.  

PILLAR can help prevent unsafe conditions by implementing an effective mix of technology and thoughtful planning.  

  • Parking Availability Counters: When it comes to rest areas, communication is key. PILLAR can equip rest areas with parking space counters that telegraph the number of available spaces before a truck ever pulls into the lot.
  • Signage: Truckers should never back up or drive against rest area traffic. We work with you to install appropriate signage to guide drivers through a rest area and back onto the highway in accordance with the traffic pattern. 
  • Parking Availability Communication: Good communication can result in good organization. Using weight sensing traffic counters, PILLAR can devise and implement a system of communication that keeps drivers informed while on their routes.
  • Rest Area Reconfiguration: Building new rest areas or even adding additional space for parking spots can be cost prohibitive for some municipalities. We can help make the most efficient use of existing rest area footprint. By reconfiguring the layout of your rest area, we can make more spaces available and mitigate expenses. 

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