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Respond Don’t React During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season brings significant threats, from powerful winds to devastating floods, as well as risks to both lives and property.

For transportation asset managers, your best defense is a proactive response plan that anticipates potential damage and puts protective measures and resources in place before you need them. 

PILLAR stands out in disaster preparedness efforts with its comprehensive collection and assessment services, ensuring you’re ready for the storm whenever it arrives.

Take a Proactive Approach to Disaster Preparedness

Highway slopes and signage are particularly vulnerable during hurricanes. 

Signage can be torn down or damaged by high winds and heavy rains, impacting navigation and safety for the traveling public. Knowing the precise location and condition of these assets prior to a hurricane allows for an efficient after-storm inventory to identify what needs to be replaced. 

Slopes are prone to erosion and landslides under the force of heavy rainfall, adding new hazards for travel. These slides can be deadly which is why stabilization is priority No. 1 and why having an experienced partner matters. PILLAR worked with a DOT to implement slide prevention by identifying over 15,000 square yards of slopes to be stabilized. 

In both cases, data is critical. With data you can prioritize repair and replacement efforts, reduce downtime and restore normal travel faster and efficiently, as well as document repairs for reimbursement purposes. 

Know the location of your assets

When a hurricane is approaching, you don’t want to be guessing. PILLAR provides its partners with robust data and resources through our proven CAPE approach: collection, assessment, planning, and execution. Our imagery scanning technology powers data collection at highway speeds to give you an unrivaled understanding of your assets at street level.

PILLAR’s collection services ensure thorough asset documentation which facilitates efficient recovery post-disaster. Our commitment to knowing the location of assets means that when a hurricane strikes, you can swiftly identify what needs attention, streamlining the restoration process.

Know the condition of your assets

PILLAR’s assessment services, particularly our Automated Feature Extraction System, offer a cutting-edge solution for evaluating asset condition. Our technology enables rapid assessment of damage, providing critical insights for decision-making. By knowing the condition of assets beforehand, you can better anticipate potential vulnerabilities and take preemptive measures to reinforce them.

Contact PILLAR

In times of crisis, having PILLAR as a proactive partner can make all the difference. Our integrated approach to disaster preparedness equips DOTs with the tools and knowledge needed to weather the storm. Contact PILLAR today and be ready to face the challenges of hurricane season head-on.