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National Work Zone Awareness Week:
April 15-19

Each year the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) works to elevate roadway safety through its National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW). The week-long campaign will be observed April 15-19 highlighting the theme, “Work zones are temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever.”

Work Zones Are More Dangerous Than Ever: How to Stay Safe

NWZAW’s 2024 theme is timely. According to a story by USA Today, 857 people died, including 117 road construction workers, in work zone crashes in 2020. This number represents a 10-year high for road construction deaths and crashes. 

In response to the increasing number of crashes and fatalities, the Federal Highway Administration urges drivers to plan ahead, slow down and minimize distractions to prevent life-threatening accidents. Staying alert and cautious in work zones is non-negotiable to preserve driver and worker safety.

Participate in National Work Zone Awareness Week

In addition to adopting safe driving practices, you can help increase road construction worker safety by supporting NWZAW this year. Here are some steps you can take to spread awareness of work zone safety across the nation.

April 15: Work Zone Safety Training Day

This national stand down encourages employers and workers to pause during the day to participate in safety demonstrations, training in hazard recognition and fall prevention and focus on other important prevention steps to maximize the safety in work zones.

April 16: National kickoff event

This year’s NWZAW kickoff is on Tuesday, April 16, and is hosted by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). Join the kickoff festivities by hosting your own NWZAW kickoff event! Follow and tag #NWZAW on social media to spread the word.

April 17: Go Orange Day

On Wednesday, April 17, roadway safety workers across America are encouraged to wear orange to proudly show their support for work zone safety. Post your pics on social media with #NWZAW and #Orange4Safety to show your support of the roadway safety industry and of families of victims who have lost their lives in work zones.

April 18: Social Media Storm

Participate in the NWZAW social media storm on Thursday, April 18 from 9am-4pm ET. Join the conversation by taking to social media and sharing messages and pictures of roadway safety and be sure to include the hashtags #NWZAW and #WorkzoneSafety. If you need some inspiration, check out the NWZAW Promotion Guide for posts and examples.

April 19: Moment of Silence

The moment of silence began in 2022 and we will continue the tradition this year. Join PILLAR as we observe a moment of silence to honor those who’ve lost their lives in work zone incidents.

John Meola

PILLAR Supports Work Zone Safety

This year, PILLAR will observe Work Zone Safety Training Day and Go Orange Day to promote a greater awareness of safety protocols for work zones. Most importantly, we will remember John Meola, our former safety director and friend who we lost in 2023. 

John was a consummate and enthusiastic safety professional and beloved by the PILLAR Team. In addition to his work as a safety professional, John was a found object artist, using scrap metal to craft stunning sculptures, including the Lakeside Bike Sculpture, which he composed of recycled bicycles and bicycle parts. John’s sculpture is permanently installed at the Lakeside Farmer’s Market. To honor John’s memory and enduring legacy, PILLAR has designed and installed a plaque to accompany the sculpture that details his work as an artist and safety professional. We will unveil the plaque during NWZAW, to commemorate his passion and contribution to safety and risk mitigation services. 

National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) helps the message of safety grow because of support and involvement from organizations and individuals like you. PILLAR is proud to support work zone safety this and every week. Our services can improve roadway, driver, and worker safety. Browse our website to learn more.