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Don’t Let Unpaid Third-Party Damage Claims Cause a Bad Day.  
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Let’s face it, traffic accidents cause bad days for all involved. Unfortunately, for transportation asset managers getting the damage repaired is often just the beginning of the bad day saga. Collecting third-party damage claims from a driver’s insurance company is critical to getting funds you need. If not dealt with quickly and thoroughly, DOTs can lose millions in claims that they’re owed. But navigating the complicated collection process is time consuming and frustrating. 

Get the insurance money you’re owed. 

Don’t miss out on insurance recovery claims on damaged assets. PILLAR can help with a team of multi-disciplined professionals who take the complexities out of the collection process. We will work to identify the damage, investigate the circumstances and help you build a claim package that’s ready to submit. 

Our work speaks for itself. PILLAR’s has helped one DOT collect over $4.5 million in third-party damage claims over the past five years.

PILLAR Helps You Save Valuable Time and Money 

With PILLAR, you can identify and investigate damages faster and more efficiently. You’ll see significantly higher collection rates, which frees up budget for transportation management initiatives. We put in the work to identify and investigate damages and put together a claim package to save you time and money.

We can help clients identify asset damage in a number of ways, including our connected infrastructure sensors which provide alerts when there is an impact or other issue, our team in the field sites a problem, or we are alerted by the DOT to send our team out. 

Then, PILLAR’s professionals begin gathering information in the field — everything from the time, date, location and photographs of the damage to the names and contact information of the law enforcement officers who responded after the damage was done. With decades of experience across the realm of transportation, our team has the experience to know that the more information we can collect from the scene, the better for the DOT. 

PILLAR generates an estimate of the damages, collects copies of the law enforcement reports through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle system, and then compiles everything into a claims package for a DOT’s district accounting specialist for processing and collection.

No More Guesswork on Third-Party Damage Claims

Stop your bad days before they start. With PILLAR you will have the peace of mind that your damage claims are being managed proactively by a seasoned team of experts using the latest technology. 

Rely on our expertise to remove all the guesswork from the collection process.

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