Save Face

Are You Prepared?

The Boy Scout Motto “Be Prepared” keeps popping up in my mind with the recent COVID-19 virus and corresponding fallout. Looking beyond the COVID-19 crises and towards your industry and business opportunities; leaders of today need to be prepared in a multitude of ways. From hiring new young talent to managing various demographics in the workspace to looking towards future business opportunities and growth – to being flexible enough to bend and shift with the influx of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – being prepared is synonymous with success.

One of the key podcasts I listen to is How I Built This by Guy Raz. At the end of every interview Guy asks the owners and entrepreneurs of the profiled business, “How much of your success is built on hard work and how much is built on luck?” It’s always interesting to hear the answers and almost everyone inevitably banks some of their success on luck. Whether that is being in the right place at the right time, catching a break via some generous offer, or getting a helping hand at a critical moment.

Reflecting on Pillar, I know a lot of people have worked hard to place us in our current position, with great generosity from individuals both inside and outside the firm. What about luck? I would argue it isn’t luck, but rather being prepared enough to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Whether this preparation is financial, relationship, location, or confidence driven – being prepared to take hold of opportunities is what will define that opportunity as successful.

Looking back at our “failures” as well as our “successes”, both are defined by how prepared Pillar was to tackle the assignments. In fact, it is rather obvious when reflecting and analyzing the end results of either case. The challenge remains to be forward-thinking and positioned in such a way as to be prepared to seize on the correct opportunity and avoid the distractions.

Pillar is prepared, are you?

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