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Are You Staying Busy or Being Productive?

As a business owner, I am frequently asked, “How is business?” I often used to reply “Busy” but had a colleague follow my answer up with the question “Is it productive?”

Wow, that was a new one. I stopped dead in my tracks with a blank but inquisitive stare on my face, prompting my colleague to explain the question. Being busy without making progress is like being stuck in the mud with your tires spinning every time you mash the accelerator. Sure, you’re giving the appearance of “working” to get out of the mud, but you haven’t moved or bettered your position. In essence, you’re not being productive.

How often do you catch yourself spinning your wheels in the mud? What can you do to zip out of the mud when you mash down the accelerator?

One of the first things you can do to increase productivity is prioritizing your to-do list, which is exactly what Pillar does when it comes to asset management. We make a list of your assets and determine which items to address based on the needs, resources, time, severity, permits, etc. This helps you maintain your assets as a whole while fully utilizing your budget, staff and resources.

We review and reorganize this “to-do” list frequently to ensure critical projects are being completed and general maintenance isn’t being overlooked. This ensures your roadways are in tip-top shape while also helping you better manage your staff and budget.

You won’t feel like your wheels are spinning in the mud as you complete important tasks on your to-do list. Give us a call at (276) 223-0500 or email us to see how Pillar’s asset management can help you make the most of your budget and time by prioritizing and completing tasks that help you maintain your roadways.