Who We Are

PILLAR is a firm comprised of engineers, surveyors, managers, technicians, and safety professionals dedicated to maximizing the life of America’s infrastructure based on data collected or readily available. We are ethically committed to the well-being and safety of the public by providing unbiased opinions and tailored solutions to the preservation and improvement of roadway operations and maintenance, accounting for current and future funding. We underpin our level of service with sound engineering principals, common sense, cutting-edge technology, software, equipment, attention to detail, personal relationships, and integrity.

Established in 2002, our goal is to ensure the efficient and successful completion of infrastructure maintenance projects to achieve or maintain a state of good repair. Our experience, understanding, and familiarity with all facets of road construction and maintenance operations gives us a solid foundation necessary to make economical, practical, and applicable considerations and decisions.

Our holistic approach not only includes the client’s vision, needs and budget, but also the possible roles new technologies, operations and procedures, equipment capabilities, environmentally friendly methods, and appropriate materials may play in overall pursuit of greater sustainability and longevity of your assets. Our progressive nature is what drives us to find a better solution today for the problems of tomorrow.

PILLAR has many years of both tactical field (boots on the ground) and theoretical expertise and has developed a highly proficient tactical field and strategical team. We understand the problems faced by asset owners as we have and continue to encounter them as well, either deriving or finding solutions that work to maximize the life cycle. PILLAR better understands the needs and constraints of all the stakeholders from investors to owners to end-users. Our solutions not only satisfy immediate needs, but are feasible, sensible, and lay a foundation for addressing future needs and concerns.

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