P3 Operations & Maintenance Advisors


PILLAR’s P3 Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Advisory provides estimates and plans to P3 Developers and Public Entities.

Our Approach to P3 O&M Projects

We help developers win P3 projects by evaluating the O&M responsibilities and designing a cost-effective operations plan and budget. We will make your pricing more competitive by diving into the details and providing the correct risk assessment and operational budget through bottom-up cost estimating based on asset inventory, condition, labor, material, equipment, and productivity as well capital rehabilitation costs. Our unbiased advice can be used to inform your bid strategy, ultimately leading to a successful procurement for your team.

Furthermore, we can stay with you as the successful proponent for the duration of the project from mobilization to routine maintenance and operations, to rehabilitation planning and handback.

Our Experience. Your Advantage.

Our engineering background and our management experience with at-risk, performance-based O&M projects, provides valuable insight into long-term at-risk concessions.

PILLAR staff members are authorities on handling fixed-price, outsourced projects demanding performance specifications and hand back requirements. This allows us to mitigate the risks inherent to OMR projects with far more detail and operational knowledge than other consultants.

We have experience with creating and implementing procedural plans including O&M, incident and emergency response, safety, snow removal, capital rehabilitation, and quality assurance. We bring a maintenance perspective to the design team and recommend alternative designs and materials to minimize future maintenance costs. We provide bottom-up O&M and capital rehabilitation cost estimates. We can partner with you from mobilization to handback.

Additional O&M Advisor Solutions

  • Contract Document Review
  • Risk Register
  • Plans & Procedure Manuals
  • Incident Response & Management Plans
  • Snow & Ice Plans
  • Post-Win O&M Management
  • Innovative MMIS Software

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