Geospatial Solutions


PILLAR has significant experience in understanding complex business processes in completing geospatial projects from all spectrums. Geospatial technology is a strong component of our projects and we can satisfy the growing need local governments have for GIS data, tools, and applications.

✔ Data Creation

✔ Data Conversion

✔ Data Maintenance

✔ Needs Assessments

✔ GIS Strategic Planning

✔ ArcGIS Online Development

✔ Database Design

Asset Management

PILLAR will utilize your existing GIS data to help you extend the life of your roadway assets. Our GIS professionals will investigate how much data is available, the accuracy of the data available, and provide that information to our asset management specialists to develop operations and maintenance plan.

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Analysis & Modeling

From environmental planning to access of public data, GIS data provides infinite opportunities for municipalities, DOTs, and private organizations.

Contact us to learn more about how PILLAR can help you get the most out of your GIS data.

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