Eric Brooks

Vice President, Asset Management

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With a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, Mr. Brooks has been working in this field since 1999. He’s served at every level of Transportation Maintenance, from crew worker to inspector to executive management – Mr. Brooks has an intimate, multi-tiered understanding of the inner workings of asset management and maintenance.

His experience in privatized Transportation Asset Maintenance brings a profit-centric, analytic view to maintenance operations. That approach led to outsourcing work, such as design, development, procurement, and management of contracts. All the while, he insourced work such as building an in-house guardrail crew from scratch, along with traffic control / incident response crews, mowing crews, and bridge repair crews. His insourcing efforts included the procurement of equipment, materials, and expertise to get the job done and meet federal and state requirements.

His belief in inventory as an integral foundation tool of asset management led to the development of inventory and assessment programs at PILLAR. Those programs have collected detailed inventory data on 30+ asset types spread over 600 centerline miles of interstate highway in Virginia. Asset counts include 11,000 signs, 2,500 guardrail terminals, 420 miles of longitudinal guardrail, 1,100 light poles and 700 pavement messages, to name a few.