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Billy Anderson, L.S.

Vice President, Surveying & Mapping

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With a degree in Survey Science and Mapping from East Tennessee University in 2000, Mr. Anderson has been a licensed Professional Land Surveyor since 2011. He is highly proficient in researching, supervising, analysing, and drafting plats for all types of land survey projects including private individual, government agency, or commercial/industrial entities. Under his leadership, the PILLAR Survey Division continues to broaden and deepen their high-quality standards and professional capabilities by incorporating latest technology and methods, such as LiDAR, into the cadre of services; thereby, meeting client needs and exceeding project expectations.

With a constant focus on developing efficient survey project management techniques and procedures, Mr. Anderson works to ensure PILLAR’s successful response to growing client’s needs for planimetric information, professional survey opinions, boundary creation (subdivision) and recreation, property dispute resolution, litigation support, mitigation of boundary agreements, ALTA surveys and research of legal records, plats and documents. He utilizes his expertise in boundary surveys to locate and recreate property boundaries using physical evidence collected in the field survey process, legal and historical documentation gathered while researching deeds and municipal records, and parole evidence acquired while interacting with property owners around the project areas.

In addition to surveying, Mr. Anderson also has experience with asset inventory collection and assessment. Mr. Anderson’s work directly supports PILLAR’s GIS, Asset Management, and Engineering departments.