Seeking a Licensed California Surveyor (LS) preferably with experience in CalTrans, Project Management, Lidar and Supervisory experience.

Job purpose
Job duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: surveying, equipment positioning, directing, and managing projects and survey crews. Will provide knowledge, training and skills, for the crews in route surveying, establishing control network points to CALTRANS requirements, communicating established points and directing priorities of establishing these points. Primary responsibilities will focus on Road / Highway Transportation projects. Must be a California Licensed Surveyor with a clean driving record and driver’s license in California.


Candidate must be familiar with geospatial data collection, with a good understanding of traffic safety and highway assets. Very knowledgeable in static and RTK GPS work. Will supervise and assist Party Chiefs and Survey Teams with the establishment of data collection points and schedules. Will ensure compliance to the quality of the work performed by all survey parties, internal and external. Will assist the Project Planner in the coordination of the project management.

This position focuses on managing survey crews, the collection of quality data, and meeting our customers’ expectations. The candidate must fully understand and fulfills the contracts and their scope. The candidate will provide LS support to our employees to be compliant with all legal obligations, data integrity and meet or exceed project deadlines.

The candidate must be able to manage projects and our services on time and at or under cost. The candidate must be able to make quick decisions and adjustments to schedules to be on time and on budget.

Experience is preferred in the use of Lidar and GIS technology.

The Candidate will manage, prepare and adjust work plans for the various projects; provide accurate information, assistance, and coordination of information to the Project Planner and Engineer. Will assist in project quotes and scheduling. Will assist and advise work crews in the placement of survey equipment, the required intervals, the maintenance of the equipment and its calibration schedules. Will ensure that the equipment is taken care of, stored properly and ready for assignments.

Project planning is critical to the duties of this position. Must be a highly motivated, organized, an effective leader and manager of the projects and employees involved. Ideal candidates will possess strong communication and writing skills. Must be a team player.

They must be an LS in the State of California. It is preferred the Candidate have PMP certification, CalTrans experience, knowledge of asset management, and have managed large ongoing mobile projects. Must be willing to travel for long periods of time. Projects cover the State of California.

Duties and responsibilities
The position must manage the projects utilizing their Party Chiefs, Rodmen, Planner, and Sub-Contractors to keep the projects on schedule, provide a quality project, on time and on budget. This position will report to the Project Engineer but must be able to operate with limited supervision. Will work very closely and receive direction from the Project Planner.

This position will require more management activities than daily engineering activities. Candidate will rely on engineering knowledge and knowledge of California State requirements to assist them in making good sound decisions regarding the projects. The candidate will be responsible for managing projects across the State of California.

Qualifications and Education

  • Licensed California Surveyor, with a transportation emphasis and relevant supervisory experience.
  • PMP Certification desired.
  • Must be very competent in Project Planning.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Minimum of BS Degree in Survey specific field of study.
  • Demonstrated the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must have exceptional customer, managerial and leadership skills.
  • Must be able to drive, have a valid California Driver’s License and have a clean driving record.

Salary / Hourly Wage Classification
Contingent upon education, certifications, and experience.