Duties: PILLAR, Inc. is seeking a candidate to fill a Dispatcher position in California



  • Communication: He/she must have excellent listening and communication skills. Being able to set and adjust routes and hotel accommodations when required and pass same information across to drivers is imperative to the success of project. The dispatcher must also be able to sustain an open line of communication with the parties involved – customer, manager, hotels and teams

  • Dispatching involves constant monitoring or the project teams’ accomplishments – receiving calls from different drivers, customers, and managers; tracking the drivers’ progress, and arranging for adjustments. Therefore, the dispatcher must be able to multitask and prioritize effectively without making mistakes

  • Good map reading skills and ability to use mapping devices to chart routes for the movement of the drivers is very important. In addition, an expansive knowledge of routes and obstructions to routes is essential. Knowing road closures, weather, road conditions, accident information, detours, etc. regarding California roads and highways.

  • The dispatcher must be able to work in high pressure environment

  • Must have good time management skills

  • Must be able to work with very little direct supervision.

  • Must be able to make good quick decisions.

  • He/she must be willing to work flexible schedules including working on weekends, holidays, and over time to meet the demands of clients

  • He/she must exhibit a high level of emotional maturity and calmness to handle the stress associated with the position well

  • Experience in a leadership position is very essential to be able to coordinate the drivers under his/her supervision

  • He/she must be educated at least to the level of high school diploma to be able to accurately deal with the paper work involved in the position. In addition, he/she must computer literate to use the computer software and devices for scheduling and monitoring of vehicles/drivers

  • Pre-employment tests: When recruiting for this position, some employers may require applicants to pass various pre-employment tests.

  • Dispatcher / Route Planner will operate in a Supervisory capacity and may be expected to conduct various on boarding training, safety training, Human Resources training, technical training etc.

  • Other duties as determined


  • Make necessary arrangement for the appropriate driver and vehicle to be employed for each run
  • Keep track of the movement and progress of each driver and vehicle
  • Receive complaints about driver, vehicle, and goods in transit
  • Receive report about vehicle or equipment damage, accident and emergency situations
  • Ensure that damaged vehicles and equipment are repaired and restored to working state
  • Relay reports and work assignments to the manager and survey teams.
  • Chart routes to be taken by drivers and ensure compliance to the predetermined routes
  • Modify predetermined routes when the need arises
  • Ensure timely and efficient dispatch of job assignments.
  • Negotiate rates and set up hotel accommodations for teams.
  • Ensure compliance in quality and quantity of results achieved from road teams.
  • Ensure overall project plan is on time and tracking according to project plan.
  • Direct customers’ inquiries regarding the project to the PE Project Manager.
  • Prioritize daily routes and utilize teams to assist each other when time allows.
  • Arrange for emergency pickup and delivery of orders, maintenance, PM’s, tapes, equipment, etc.
  • Use Route Planning software and GPS mapping devices to download daily routes to the project teams. On-going throughout the project to adjust achieve efficiencies.
  • Maintain a friendly relationship with customers and teams to ensure continuous communications.
  • Maintain a friendly relationship with drivers to ensure steady compliance whenever they are called for work even in emergency situations
  • Maintain a dispatch log to record all details of work performed and tasks accomplished.
  • Assist Project Manager with data to communicate to customer deliverables.
  • Set up emergency services for the teams in the field which could range from equipment failure, vehicle failure, rental equipment, accidents and sickness or team member replacement
  • Work with local temp agencies to provide support if necessary.


  • High School Degree and Dispatch Job Experience.
  • Knowledge and experience in surveying desired.
  • Candidate will be expected to possess strong self-motivational and organizational skills, experience in project planning and scheduling work assignments.
  • Computer skills involve experience with Microsoft Office and other software and hardware associated with mapping, GIS, GPS and dispatching.,
  • Must be a good decision maker.
  • Must be able to work with various levels of employees within and outside the company.
  • Have excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Must be able to speak English.

Salary / Hourly Wage Classification:

  • Contingent on qualifications and experience

We invite qualified individuals to send a cover letter along with their Curriculum Vitae to PILLAR, Inc., P.O. Box 609, Wytheville, VA 24382 or email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are an equal opportunity employer.